GlobalFriendships Ministry is a powerful “one to one” Christian email outreach tool.

Are you interested in sharing your faith in Jesus Christ? We can provide you with a personal friend living in a country where missionaries are not permitted to enter.

Persecution and restrictions against the Gospel exist in many Muslim and Communist countries. It is very difficult and often dangerous to bring the Gospel into these hostile regions of the world.

But you can bring the Gospel to these nations right from your home! Together with thousands of other eMissionaries around the world, through personal emails, you can be a mighty force for God.

In Afghanistan, China, Iran, Morocco, North Korea, Nepal, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and many other nations, millions of people have never heard of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior.

Through an email relationship with a foreign “pen-pal”, you can share Christ’s love, build a friendship of trust and understanding and leap over both geographic and cultural borders.

Your emails of encouragement can help someone from an unreached people group find salvation and peace with God.

Are you willing to start corresponding with a “pen-pal” and enter into a lasting and mutually rewarding friendship?

Young people in Islamic countries are especially interested in learning more about the Western way of living. They are eager to practice their English or French language skills and are looking for friendships in foreign countries. The Internet is now available all over the world. Those who cannot afford their own Internet service or computer go to the many available Internet cafés.

Jesus Christ teaches us to share His light and love in a dark world filled with hate and terror.

When we share Christ’s love with someone, He can change the hearts and minds of many who are mislead and confused. Are you willing to follow Christ’s command to go to all the ends of the world and make disciples?

People need to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, not just another prophet. They need to know that He is the true and only Prince of Peace and Savior.

Are you willing to tell them?

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